Footer HTML

HTML <footer> Tag

To specify a footer for a document or a section on a web page the HTML <footer> tag is used. It is usually used at the bottom of the page and was introduced in HTML5. There can be more than one footer element in a document. It contains information related to:

  • authorship details
  • copyright info
  • contact details
  • sitemap
  • back to top links
  • related documents


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <p>XYZ Example</p>
  <h3>Contact information:</h3> 
  <p>Mail Address: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a></p>
  <p>Postal Address: <i>123, Street 1, Colony 2, City, State, Country, 123123</i></p>
  <p>Tel. No. <i>123456</i></p>


In the above example, we use the <footer> tag to specify the footer for an HTML document.

Global Attributes:

The HTML GLobal attributes are supported by the HTML <footer> tag.

Event Attributes:

The HTML Event attributes are supported by the HTML <footer> tag.

Supporting Browsers:

Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.