HTML Color Names

HTML Color Names The following 148 color names are supported by all modern browsers. Color Name HEX AliceBlue #F0F8FF AntiqueWhite #FAEBD7 Aqua #00FFFF Aquamarine #7FFFD4 Azure #F0FFFF Beige #F5F5DC Bisque #FFE4C4 Black #000000 BlanchedAlmond #FFEBCD Blue #0000FF BlueViolet #8A2BE2 Brown #A52A2A BurlyWood #DEB887 CadetBlue #5F9EA0 Chartreuse #7FFF00 Chocolate #D2691E Coral #FF7F50 CornflowerBlue #6495ED Cornsilk #FFF8DC … Read more

HTML5 Server-Sent Event

We use the HTML5 server-sent event to enable a browser to receive automatic updates from a server. A server-sent event occurs when a server automatically sends some updates to the browser. It is one-way messaging or mono-directional. Receiving events from the server: We use the EventSource object to receive events from a server. The URI … Read more

HTML5 Web Workers

A separate JavaScript code that runs in the background of a web page is called the Web Workers in HTML. It does not affect the user interface. They are the multithreaded object. Multiple JavaScript is executed in parallel but the performance of the application or webpage is not affected. Key features of the Web Workers: … Read more

HTML5 Geolocation

To identify the geographic location of a user for a web application, the HTML Geolocation API is used. It was introduced in HTML5. The latitude and longitude coordinates of the user can be captured by JavaScript. It can then be sent to the server to display the current location on the website. To identify the … Read more