Backbone.Js Tutorial

What is Backbone.js?

The Backbone.js can be simply understood as a JavaScript library or framework. One of its crucial advantages is to be a very lightweight framework. It is mainly used to create a single-page application. It facilitates the user to create these client-side applications in a structured manner, that can easily run on a web browser. It is based on the MVC pattern and uses a RESTful service for persisting data. The concerned pattern abstracts DOM into views and data into models. These two can then be bound in Backbone.js using events.

Uses of Backbone.js

  • Backbone.js is used to create an application while overcoming complications in one of the easiest possible ways.
  • It is used for good functionality especially while creating an application with lengthy codes but demanding better designs.
  • Backbone.js is used to create an application in a well-organized and structured way.
  • It is also used for fast applications since it communicates via events.
  • Backbone.js is also used to create a cleaner, refined, and further maintainable application code.

History of Backbone.js

The Backbone.js was released initially in 2010 on the 13th of October by a distinguished developer Jeremy Ashkenas.

Backbone.js tutorial:

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