Difference between ReactNative and ReactJS

ReactNative Vs ReactJS

Listed below is a comparative study between the ReactNative and the ReactJS.


ReactNative ReactJS
JavaScript framework. Open-source JavaScript library.
 Used to build a real, native mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows. Used to build a user interface for Single Page Application.
Initial release: 2013 Initial release: 2015
Used for developing web applications. Used for developing mobile applications.
Uses React-router for navigating web pages. Has built-in Navigator library for navigating mobile applications.
Uses HTML tags. Does not use HTML tags.
Can be executed on all platforms. Takes effort to be executed on all platforms.
High security. Low security.
Virtual DOM renders the browser code. Native uses its API to render code for mobile applications.
Uses a JavaScript library and CSS for animations. Comes with built-in animation libraries.
Use code components which saves a lot of valuable time. Reuse React Native UI components & modules which allow hybrid apps to render natively.