Advantages and Disadvantages of ReactJS

Pros and Cons

Listed below are the list of advantages that ReactJS offers to the developers. But nothing comes with some or more limitations attached with it and same applies to ReactJS also.


Advantage of ReactJS

Easy to understand and easy to use:

A good supply of documentation, tutorials, and training resources, helps the developers to learn and to understand React Js easily. Especially for the developers with the Javascript background, it is quite easy to use.

Easy Creation of the Dynamic Web Applications:

Unlike the complex coding of a dynamic web application, React JS provides less coding and gives more functionality, and also supports the building of machine-readable codes.

Reusable Components:

A ReactJS application is known to be a multi-component application. Each component of the ReactJS application is reusable and is responsible for outputting a small, reusable piece of HTML code. Being the heart of all React applications, its components can also be nested. This nesting with other components allows the creation of complex applications built of simple building blocks.

Performance Enhancement:

ReactJS is a great performer as it manages a virtual DOM. The DOM deals with HTML, XML or XHTML. It is a cross-platform and programming API. With ReactJS, the user did not write directly to the DOM, but to the virtual DOM thus leading to smoother and faster performance.

Support of Handy Tools:

The presence of a handy set of tools in ReactJS makes the task of the developers understandable and easier.

SEO Friendly:

ReactJS applications can run on the server that makes the navigation on various search engines easy. This is because the virtual DOM renders and returns to the browser as a regular web page.

Having JavaScript Library:

ReactJS offers a very rich JavaScript library thus providing more flexibility to the developers.

Scope for Testing the Codes:

With the help of native tools, ReactJS applications are extremely easy to test.


Disadvantage of ReactJS

The high pace of development:

The high pace of development results in the continuous and fast environment changes so fast, which makes it hard to adopt all the. Thus the developers’ skills must always need to be updated along with the changes.

Poor Documentation:

With a fast update and fast acceleration, proper documentation is not easy to make.

View Part:

ReactJS only covers the UI Layers of the app and thus there is always a need to choose some other technologies for other development.

JSX as a barrier:

JavaScript XML or JSX is an XML or HTML like JavaScript syntax extension used by ReactJS. Processed into JavaScript calls of React Framework, it extends the ES6. This allows the HTML-like text to co-exist with JavaScript react code. However, it also acts as a barrier due to its complexity in the learning curve.