10 Rarest Seashells in The World

By: Jai
Published On: 01 Dec, 2023
Conus gloria-maris (Glory of the Sea Cone): This rare seashell, often referred to as the "Glory of the Sea," is known for its intricate patterns and is found in the Indian Ocean. 
Charonia tritonis (Triton's Trumpet): Recognizable by its large size and distinctive spiral shape, Triton's Trumpet is found in the Indo-Pacific region. 
Cypraea cervinetta (Cervinetta Cowrie): This small and elusive cowrie shell is native to the waters of the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. Its scarcity makes it a prized find among shell enthusiasts.
Volva volva (Volute Shell): With its glossy appearance and unique shape, the volute shell is found in tropical seas worldwide. Its rarity is attributed to the difficulty in finding specimens intact.
Melongena corona (Crowned Spindle): Native to the Caribbean, the Crowned Spindle is recognized by its spindle-shaped shell adorned with intricate patterns.
Epitonium scalare (Ladder Horn Shell): This slender seashell, commonly known as the Ladder Horn Shell, is found in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
Strombus gigas (Queen Conch): Though once abundant, the Queen Conch has become rare in many areas due to overharvesting for its meat and beautiful pink shell.
Harpa amouretta (Lace Murex): The Lace Murex, with its delicate frilled edges, is found in the Indo-Pacific region. Its rarity is attributed to its specific habitat requirements.
Babylonia spirata (Spiral Babylon): This small and intricately patterned seashell is native to the Indo-Pacific region. Overcollection for the shell trade and habitat degradation contribute.
Oliva porphyria (Rose Oliva): The Rose Oliva, found in the waters of the Indo-Pacific, is characterized by its rosy hues and elongated shape.
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