10 Rarest Insects in the World

By: Jai
Published On: 03 Dec, 2023
Queen Alexandra's Birdwing: Native to Papua New Guinea, this butterfly is the largest in the world and is highly sought after by collectors, making it one of the rarest insects.
The Elephant Beetle: Found in Central and South America, this large beetle is known for its distinctive appearance resembling an elephant's trunk, and its scarcity adds to its allure.
The Wallace's Giant Bee: Rediscovered in 2019 in Indonesia, this massive bee holds the title of the world's largest bee and is extremely rare due to its elusive nature.
The Cleveland Pinhole Borer: This tiny beetle, native to the United States, is so rare that it was thought to be extinct until its rediscovery in 2011.
The Delhi Sands Flower-loving Fly: Endemic to California, USA, this small fly faces severe habitat loss, putting it on the list of critically endangered insects.
The San Bernardino Kangaroo Rat Botfly: Limited to a small area in California, this botfly is incredibly rare, and its life cycle is intricately linked with the endangered San Bernardino.
The Madagascar Jewel Beetle: Found only in Madagascar, this iridescent beetle is highly prized by collectors, contributing to its status as one of the rarest insects globally.
The Peacock Spider: Native to Australia, these tiny, brilliantly colored spiders are both rare and visually striking, captivating enthusiasts worldwide.
The Agra Cadabra Beetle: This dazzling beetle, native to Colombia, is known for its vibrant colors and unique patterns, making it highly sought after by collectors.
The Lord Howe Island Stick Insect: Once thought to be extinct, this large, flightless insect was rediscovered on a rocky outcrop near Lord Howe Island, making it incredibly rare and unique.
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