10 Rarest Cat Eye Colors

By: Jai
Published On: 02 Dec, 2023
Odd-Eyed Cat: Some cats have heterochromia, a rare genetic condition resulting in two different eye colors. This phenomenon, especially when one eye is blue and the other is gold or green.
Blue Eyes: While common in certain cat breeds like Siamese and Ragdoll, pure blue eyes are relatively rare in the broader feline population. 
Amber Eyes: Cats with deep amber eyes, ranging from golden to copper tones, are admired for their warm and intense gaze. This eye color is more common in certain breeds.
Green Eyes: Green eyes in cats are a captivating and less common color. Breeds like British Shorthair and Turkish Van are known for their green-eyed members, adding to the allure of this eye color.

Yellow Eyes: Yellow eyes are a classic and somewhat common eye color in many cat breeds. However, when the yellow is particularly vibrant and intense.
Copper Eyes: Copper eyes, often seen in breeds like Burmese and Ocicat, contribute to a warm and expressive look. This eye color is less common in the overall feline population.
Aquamarine Eyes: A blend of blue and green, aquamarine eyes are a rare and mesmerizing color in cats. Certain individuals, irrespective of breed, may exhibit this unique and captivating hue.
Topaz Eyes: Some cats showcase topaz-colored eyes, a rare and enchanting shade resembling a golden or honey-like tint. This color adds to the cat's overall beauty and uniqueness.
Silver Eyes: Silver eyes, often seen in white or silver-coated cats, contribute to an ethereal and otherworldly appearance. This color is less common but can be found in specific breeds.
Orange Eyes: While orange eyes are not exceedingly rare, the intensity and vividness of the color can vary. Cats with a deep, fiery orange hue in their eyes stand out, particularly against darker fur.
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