10 Rare and Unique Pomeranian Colors

By: Jai
Published On: 04 Dec, 2023
Merle Pomeranian: This color pattern is characterized by mottled patches of color against a solid base coat. Merle Pomeranians often have a speckled or marbled appearance.
Lavender Pomeranian: A diluted shade of purple or lavender, this color is relatively rare and can be particularly striking in Pomeranians.
Wolf Sable Pomeranian: This color is characterized by a mix of gray, cream, and black hairs, giving the dog a wolf-like appearance. The distinctive coloring is relatively uncommon.
Blue Pomeranian: A solid blue coloration, which is a dilution of black, can be considered rare in Pomeranians. The coat may appear steel blue or slate in hue.
Chocolate Pomeranian: This color is a rich, dark brown. While brown is a recognized color in Pomeranians, a deep chocolate color is less common.
Isabella Pomeranian: This is a diluted shade of fawn or cream, often with a silver or blue tint. Isabella Pomeranians have a unique and attractive appearance.
Cream Sable Pomeranian: Combining the cream and sable colors, this variation creates a dog with a light, creamy base coat and darker sable markings.
Parti-Color Pomeranian: This refers to Pomeranians with a predominantly white coat with patches of another color, such as black, orange, or chocolate.
Brindle Pomeranian: Brindle is characterized by streaks or stripes of color on the base coat. While more commonly associated with certain dog breeds.
Orange Sable Pomeranian: While orange is a standard color for Pomeranians, the orange sable variation includes darker shading on the back and ears, creating a more pronounced sable pattern.
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