10 Most Expensive Racing Pigeons Ever Sold

By: Jai
Published On: 28 Nov, 2023
Sky's Limit:The racing pigeon named Armando set a record as the most expensive ever sold, reaching a soaring price of $1.4 million,emphasizing the immense value placed on exceptional racing abilities.
Speed Maestro: Bolt, named after the legendary sprinter Usain Bolt, lived up to its namesake by selling for $400,000, showcasing the premium attached to pigeons with extraordinary speed.
Golden Feathers:Nadine, a pigeon with rare and exquisite golden-colored feathers,fetched $360,000, underlining how unique physical attributes contribute to the high prices in the racing pigeon market.
Champion Bloodline: New Kim, a pigeon with a champion bloodline, commanded a price of $1.9 million, illustrating the significance of genetics and racing lineage in determining value.
Ace of Aces:Eijerkamp's New Laureaat, known as the "Ace of Aces," reached a remarkable price of $690,000, showcasing the premium placed on pigeons with outstanding track records in competitive racing.
Skybound Beauty: Phantom, a pigeon with a striking and distinctive appearance, sold for $480,000, highlighting the appeal of aesthetically pleasing birds in the racing pigeon market.
Long-Distance Legend: Rudy, a pigeon renowned for its exceptional long-distance racing abilities, achieved a noteworthy sale at $427,000, underscoring the specialized value placed on pigeons .
Winged Marvel: The pigeon named Porsche, with a reputation for exceptional flying prowess, sold for $360,000, showcasing the demand for pigeons with remarkable and reliable racing skills.
Feathered Fortune: Golden Prince, a pigeon with a luxurious golden hue, reached a sale price of $310,000, emphasizing how unique and rare colorations contribute to the overall value.
Flying Royalty: Princess, a pigeon with a regal aura and outstanding racing achievements, sold for $550,000, illustrating the premium attached to birds.
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