10 Most Expensive Cows in the World

By: Jai
Published On: 03 Dec, 2023
Missy: A Holstein cow, Missy holds the record as one of the most expensive cows ever sold, fetching a price of $1.2 million due to her exceptional lineage.
Madison: Another Holstein cow, Madison gained fame for being the first cow to surpass the million-dollar mark in a public auction, highlighting her elite genetics.
Mist: With a lineage of prize-winning cows, Mist fetched a hefty price of $1.2 million, contributing to the high-stakes world of elite cattle breeding.
Rosa: A Red Holstein cow, Rosa broke records with a sale price of $1.4 million, thanks to her impressive show career and outstanding genetics.
Kanu PPI: This Holstein cow became the first in history to be sold for over $2 million, setting a new standard for the top end of the cattle market.
Mandy: Mandy, a Holstein cow, reached a staggering price of $1.2 million due to her exceptional milk production and sought-after genetic traits.
Goldwyn's Fantasy: A Holstein heifer, Goldwyn's Fantasy set a record as the most expensive heifer ever sold, with a price tag of $1.5 million.
Alicia: With a winning pedigree, Alicia, a Holstein cow, commanded a high price of $1.125 million in the competitive world of elite cattle auctions.
Ella: Ella, a Holstein cow, gained recognition for her outstanding production and genetics, leading to a sale price of $1.08 million.
Daisy: Known for her exceptional conformation and breeding potential, Daisy, a Holstein cow, fetched a significant price of $1.1 million in a competitive auction setting.
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