spring boot architecture diagram and components


  • Spring Boot Starters: Main concept behind spring boot starters is to reduce the dependencies definitions and to simplify the project build dependencies. For example : if we are creating spring application than we have to define following dependencies in pom.xml file –
    • Spring core Jar file
    • Spring Web Jar file
    • Spring Web MVC Jar file
    • Servlet Jar file
      • Spring Boot Starters provides the facility to add only one jar file spring-boot-starter-web instead of adding 4 jar files.
  • Spring Boot AutoConfigurator: Main concept behind Spring Boot AutoConfigurator is to minimizing the programmer’s effort to define lots of XML configuration. It will take care of all these XML configurations and annotations.
  • Spring Boot CLI: It is Spring Boot software which is used to run and test Spring Boot applications from command prompt. CLI refers to command line arguments. To execute a spring application, spring boot CLI uses Spring Boot Starter and Spring Boot AutoConfigurate components to resolve all dependencies.
  • Spring Boot Actuator: Spring boot actuator is a tool which provides HTTP endpoints. We can manage our production application using these HTTP endpoints.