Typescript hello world

Let us start TypeScript programming with simple “Hello World!” example.

Create and save the file with .ts extension. In first line we declare a variable of string type. In second line we display the variable’s value at the terminal window.

TypeScript Hello World:

var message:string = "Hello World!" ;

As we discussed in earlier tutorials that TypeScript code will be converted into JavaScript Code. After the compilation of above TypeScript code following JavaScript code will be generated.

Translated code:

var message = "Hello World!";

Compile and Execute a TypeScript Program:

Comiple: Use below command on the terminal window for compilation.
tsc typeScriptFileName.ts
Note − Multiple files can be compiled at once.
tsc typeScriptFileName1.ts, typeScriptFileName2.ts, typeScriptFileName3.ts

Execute: Use below command on the terminal window for execution.
node typeScriptFileName.js