Angular 7 History and Versions

Angular1.0 was the first version of Angular which was released in 2010. It is known as AngularJS. Here, we are discussing the history and different versions of Angular.

Angular 2:

First introduced in October 2014, the Angular 2.0 was a complete rewrite of Angular. The extreme changes in the Angular 2.0 version created debate among developers. The Angular developers declared that Angular 2 moved from Alpha to Developer Preview on April 30, 2015. The Beta version was then released in December 2015. In May 2016, the first version was published and on September 14, 2016, the final version was released.

Angular 4:

On 13 December 2016, the Angular 4 version was announced. Because of some confusion, version 3 was skipped by the developers. On 23 March 2017, the final version of Angular 4 was released.

Additional features in Angular 4:

  • The HttpClient was introduced which is a smaller, easier to use, and more powerful library for making HTTP Requests.
  • New router life cycle events were facilitated for Guards and Resolvers. The GuardsCheckStart, GuardsCheckEnd, ResolveStart, ResolveEnd are the four events that joined the existing set of life cycle events such as NavigationStart.
  • The support of conditionally disable animations were provided.

Angular 5:

Released on 1 Nov 2017, the Angular 5 version included some improvements to support for progressive web apps. It also includes improvements related to Material Design.

Angular 6:

Released on 4 May 2018, the Angular 6 was a major release that presented some important features like ng update, ng add, Angular Elements, Angular Material + CDK Components, Angular Material Starter Components, CLI Workspaces, Library Support, Tree Shakable Providers, Animations Performance Improvements, and RxJS v6.

Angular 7:

Angular 7 was released on October 18, 2018, and is the latest version of Angular. Many extensive features were included in the Angular 7.

  • Updates regarding Application Performance
  • Angular Material & CDK
  • Virtual Scrolling
  • Improved Accessibility of Selects
  • Supports Content Projection using web standard for custom elements
  • Dependency updates regarding TypeScript 3.1, RxJS 6.3, Node 10